Continuing Education at Goodwin University

Career opportunities — wherever you are on your educational journey!

Continuing Education (CE) encompasses a range of learning opportunities designed for individuals outside of the formal education system. These can include workforce education and training, certifications and licensing initiatives, and other relevant coursework which does not necessarily lead to a degree.

Goodwin’s CE program was initially created from our outstanding advanced manufacturing offerings. Recently we expanded our areas of study and exploration to include allied health, nursing, information technology, and other career options for which workforce needs have been identified.

Online and in-person classes

Goodwin offers CE in a variety of formats and in combinations of virtual and in-person classes. By leveraging partnerships and collaborations with professional providers, associations, businesses, and educational institutions, Goodwin offers career and workforce-related educational opportunities that support all learner needs.

Flexible class schedules

Our CE classes fit your schedule — days, evenings, and weekends. Whether you are a current employee ready to secure that promotion at work and move to the next level in your career, or a job seeker hoping to land that life-changing opportunity, we are can support the CE needs to make that happen.

Customized employee training

If you are a business or industry partner who needs training for your employees, we will help build a customized training and education program that fits your immediate and future needs. We can also work with groups in the business and industry sector to help create a pipeline of ready-to-work employees to fill the gaps in your workforce.

Today’s CE environment

Learning environments and workplace settings do not have the same look today as they did in the past. Some individuals find that returning to in-person classes and workplaces re-energizes them and makes them feel welcomed and recognized for their skills. Others have grown perfectly comfortable using virtual modalities to gather with colleagues and peers in class and at work. Clearly, there is no single “best” option — for workers or for employers.

Explore a new career, upgrade your current knowledge, skills, and abilities, or prepare for certification in a new and growing field. Our classes can prepare you for a career in high-demand fields.

Goodwin University’s Continuing Education division is looking for subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields and areas. We are building a bench of content, knowledge and subject matter experts and are seeking individuals who have an interest in teaching, training, educating, giving back to the community. We are in the process of building classes in many areas, including but not limited to information technology, healthcare, organizational leadership, management/supervision, project management and many more. Perhaps you hold a certification, license, or have abundant work/life experiences that you want to share with others.

We are in the process of developing classes in numerous areas and would love to talk with you. Please provide us with your contact information and we will set up a time to talk with you about your areas of expertise, interests, and where you may be able to impart valuable insight to others.

To unlock a world of workplace opportunities, learn more about Goodwin University’s CE programs by contacting us:

Charles McGinnis, Ed. D.
Senior Director of Continuing Education
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