Since the announcement of President Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan, there has been an increase in scam phone calls, emails, and letters related to these programs. If you receive any calls or messages related to these programs, do not provide your personal information. No one from the United States Department and Education, Goodwin University, or your federal student loan servicer will ask you for your personal information regarding President Biden’s loan forgiveness programs. One-Time Debt Relief is a program you can apply to at no cost — you will never be asked to pay for help with your federal student loans.

We encourage you to ignore any scam calls or messages about student debt relief. If you’re already receiving these calls, you should register for the National Do Not Call Registry. You can also report these calls and messages to the FTC. If you have any questions about your student loans, loan payments, or one-time debt relief programs, you should contact your student loan servicer directly.

Federal Student Loan Debt Relief Application

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