Certificate in Mechatronics

connecticut manufacturing logistics program

In our two semester, full‑time, 36‑credit Mechatronics certificate program, students will combine mechanical, electrical, computer, and software skills to prepare for positions operating and maintaining the electromechanical, computer-controlled systems commonly found in automated manufacturing environments.


Mod 1

BMM 140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics 3
BMM 181 Introduction to Mechatronics 3
BMM 183 Basic Electrical 3

Mod 2

BMM 185 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 3
BMM 187 Mechanical Drives and Kinematics 3
BMM 190 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 3

Mod 3

BMM 189 Electrical Schematics 3
BMM 281 Motor Control 3
BMM 287 Industrial Robotics 3

Mod 4

BMM 283 Programmable Controllers 3
BMM 285 Industrial Electrical Maintenance 3
BMM 289 Machining and Pipe Fabrication 3

Total credits: 


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